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 Electronic Queuing | Tensabarrier Australia - Atir Design
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Electronic Queuing - eQ™

Tensator´s Electronic Queuing systems for single line and dispersed queues drive faster queuing times and can be synergised with in-queue merchandising and open up advertising opportunities, helping you to increase revenues.

If you want to speed queue flow, reduce walk-aways and improve waiting times by 30%, then Tensator is at hand to help.

Tensator´s range of Electronic Queuing Solutions can improve productivity, reduce service times, eliminate customer anxiety and employees stress and ultimately increase throughput. Retail crime costs the industry billions annually - don´t be a victim to this statistic – single line call forward systems ensure that customers are served in the order they arrive, reducing the risk of shrinkage and a form of employee theft known as sweethearting.

For further information on how Tensator´s electronic call forward systems can transform your single line or dispersed queuing environment, contact us at enquiries@atir.com.au

eQ™ Dispersed Queuing

eQ™ Single Line Queuing