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Digital Signage

Upgrade your ticketing solution to enable the play of video messages and display multiple messages on any standard LCD screen. Display interchangeable images, presentations, videos, flash files or websites with the use of Tensator’s media packages. Capture the attention of passive waiting customers with corporate communications, promotional offers or third party advertising messages. You can […]


eTrack is a web solution which manages goods collection from the placement of orders to the delivery to the customer. eTrack has the capability to incorporate digital media via the installation of eVideo or ePlayer, making it not only a solution for specialised mass distribution and queue management, but a powerful promotional tool. The use […]


If you want a web based queue management and database management solution, with unlimited services, counters, multi-site operation and digital media capabilities then look no further than eSirius. eSirius enables full appointment and schedule management, allowing customers to book appointments onsite or in advance over the internet, receiving identification codes by email or SMS. With […]


If you want an innovative user friendly and adaptable ticket controlled queue management solution. With the ability to operate up to 8 services and 24 counters and can be fully configured in terms of ticket dispensers, call consoles and central and positional displays. Then eGestat offers great value for money! Manage up to 8 services […]


If you need an entry level queue system required to manage dispersed customers awaiting a single service, then eTurn is the solution for you: With up to 8 counter positions, eTurn can transform your queue in terms of speed of flow, and satisfaction of employees and customers Avoid disputes and eliminate wrong line frustration, as […]

Theory Of

How ticketing works: The visitor takes a ticket. He/she waits comfortably without missing his/her turn. He/she can take advantage of the sales area. The agent calls the next visitor. He/she can stop the call or recall. The display unit indicates the number (flashing) and the calling station (letter or digit). Ticket controlled queue management systems […]

LCD Media Call Forward System

Tensator’s Single Line LCD Media Call Forward System has the capability to incorporate digital media, manage a database of reporting information as well as driving interactive media. The Tensator Media Hub™ allows the ability to use full colour digital displays alongside the call forward capability, enhancing the customer waiting experience. This in turn could allow […]

LED Call Forward System

The Tensator eQ™ Single Line LED call forward system seeks to manage waiting customers in the fastest and fairest way. The clear and bright LED screens focus customer attention as they wait in the queue, aided by friendly audio messages, speeding customer movement, decreasing waiting times and improving service efficiency. Features: Tensator’s single line electronic […]

Theory of Single Line Queuing

Single Line Call Forward systems begin with a “first come, first served” single line configuration with any of Tensator’s range of barriers, managing the distribution of waiting customers from the queue to available service points. Central Display Units (CDUs) provide a source of information for customers at the end of the queue, whilst Positional Display […]

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Cafe Solutions

Atir Design’s range of Café banners and Café Barriers, available as PVC banners and Mesh banners , with double sided logo printing available on the PVC banner and single sided on the Mesh Banner. The new system is available in either high-grade stainless steel or chrome finish depending on individual requirements and where you require […]