IQM Overview

Tensator’s In-Queue Merchandising is a highly adaptable, modular system that consists of a series of slat and slot walls, graphics and panels to create a wide range of structural designs for all types of environment.

From brand communication to space division, display & signage to retail merchandising, In-Queue Merchandising is a solution that merges design with functionality.

Tensator’s In-Queue Merchandising is a multifunctional range that can aid customer guidance, display merchandising products within queues, incorporate frosted partition screens or create security gates in airports; the possibilities are endless.

Turning queue flow into cashflow couldn’t be easier, and with a customer approval rating of 94%, Tensator have the knowledge and expertise to help you increase your margins by up to 30%.

Let Tensator help you make the most of the space you have.

Customise our merchandising systems to fulfil your requirements:

  • Surface fixed, removable, or universal base options.
  • Standard or customised header panels – to incorporate your branding or advertise promotions.
  • Metal Slot or Wooden Slat wall panels.
  • A wide range of merchandising accessories from baskets, bowls, shelves, hooks and prongs.
  • Add infill or poster panels into your queue layout to promote brands and open up advertising streams.