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Established in 1971, the family business of ATIR Design enjoys the outstanding reputation of being at the forefront of the manufacturing and supply of quality portable Tensabarrier® and queuing systems along with Waste/Litter Bins, Electronic Call Forward Systems, In Queue Merchandising and Health and safety Products.

This recognition can only be achieved by supplying outstanding designs backed by a quality product and excellent service.

At ATIR DESIGN we attribute our success to our commitment to constantly updating and modifying ideas for new products which will service our clients for many years to come.

New products such as our Stainless Steel In Ground Tensabarrier post, our APG (Airport Passenger Guidance) System and Electronic media, help us to keep at the fore front of innovation in our field while providing exceptional customer service and quality products to our clients.

With the ongoing changes and technological advances today, we find it imperative to be constantly be looking for further ways, better materials, and better solutions in the design and manufacture of your product.

Atir Design is working closely with Tensator. A global company who are the original innovators of the Tensabarrier system. This means we can provide the best products on the market at competitive prices. Our products have proven to outlast their warranty without having any issues and outlasting our competitors Crowd Barriers as well.

Satisfied customers include, Qantas, Virgin Blue, JetStar, Crown Casino, Etihad Stadium, Sydney International Airport, AAMI Park, Village Cinemas, Hoyts Cinemas, Greater Union Cinemas, Australian Customs and Border Protection along with all major airports across the country.

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