Passenger Access Management – PAM

Passenger guidance

Passenger guidance

This passenger access management unit is a robust and safe solution that guides passengers when boarding and disembarking the aircraft, ensuring that dangerous under-wing areas are kept clear, putting safety first.

Quick and easy to set-up, the guidance system saves airline operators both time and money by only requiring one person to operate, as well as reducing waiting times by guiding passengers efficiently to and from the aircraft.

The new PAM has a high visibility finish and features patented Tensabarrier® retractable webbing with a hand wound mechanism to allow easy deployment with a standard webbing length of 28 metres, longer belts are available by custom request. The webbing is also anti static, enabling the system to be used near the fuelling zone of the plane. When required, the PAM unit is positioned and then extended in two directions and attached onto the stairs of the aircraft using a plastic connector to form a high visibility guidance barrier.


  • Powder coat finish with zinc undercoat for extra weather protection (Speak to us about Powdercoat Colours)
  • 2 x 28 meters of outdoor anti static webbing
  • High visibility yellow and black webbing (Other Colours and printing options available)
  • Webbing can be extended to any length up to 55 metres according to individual requirements
  • Robust hand wound mechanism to retract webbing
  • Locking spools to tension webbing barrier
  • Compact, easy to move unit
  • Robust all-weather steel frame
  • Benefits:

  • Create a physical barrier to restrict passenger access
  • Cost effective
  • High visibility
  • Quick to manoeuvre & deploy – only requiring one person to operate
  • Technical Specifications:

  • Footprint – 490mm x 400mm wide
  • Height – 1100mm
  • Total Weight – 80kg concrete base
  • Speak to us Today about any custom options you may require.