Digital Signage

Upgrade your ticketing solution to enable the play of video messages and display multiple messages on any standard LCD screen.

  • Display interchangeable images, presentations, videos, flash files or websites with the use of Tensator’s media packages. Capture the attention of passive waiting customers with corporate communications, promotional offers or third party advertising messages. You can even chose to split messages on the screen to appeal to a wide spectrum of customers.
  • By providing an element of in queue entertainment, you can reduce customers’ perceived waiting times, remove anxiety and also encourage impulse purchases as a result of promotional messages
  • Incorporating digital signage into your ticket controlled queue management solution also opens up additional revenue streams by selling advertising video space to third parties, enabling the solution to enable a quick return on investment.
  • Broadcast calls and multiple messages on video screens
  • When a ticket is called the number overlays the information shown on the screen or appears in a banner on the screen
  • View the last number called on screen to reassure customers of their position
  • Entertain waiting customers, to reduce perceived waiting times
  • Advertise to a passive audience
  • Customise the banners to suit your corporate look and feel
  • To make content changes easy, you can upload new material in real-time across multiple sites from the supervisor workstation
  • Encourage impulse purchases via the use of video messages
  • Generate extra revenue by selling advertising space to third parties
  • Compatible with eTrack, eGestat and eSirius.