If you want a web based queue management and database management solution, with unlimited services, counters, multi-site operation and digital media capabilities then look no further than eSirius. eSirius enables full appointment and schedule management, allowing customers to book appointments onsite or in advance over the internet, receiving identification codes by email or SMS.
With eSirius the possibilities are endless.

  • Manage an unlimited number of services and positions across single or multiple sites
  • Customers can pre-book appointments online, helping you to manage demand according to resources and capabilities
  • Customers receive confirmation and reminders via email or text message to their mobile
  • Manage spontaneous visitors and pre-booked appointments simultaneously
  • Visit reasons can also be entered upon customer registration, allowing servers to be better informed and have quick access to all the information necessary to perform an efficient service
  • The issued ticket provides information on the number of people waiting and the estimated waiting time (optional)
  • Create customised and graphic tickets to not only display ticket numbers to waiting customers, but provide to additional company messages and advertising
  • Use the system to transfer customers to another service queue according to demand
  • Call forward waiting customers by number, audio announcements, customer name or photo ID
  • Automatically identify customers identification / confirmation numbers and membership cards
  • Reassure customers by communicating waiting times and using video displays to highlight ticket numbers next in line to be served
  • Communicate waiting conditions online, so customers are aware of waiting times before they even enter your premises!
  • Managers can supervise multiple sites in real-time, viewing waiting customers for each service and allocate different colour indicators, allowing for the quick analysis of waiting conditions
  • Administration, reporting and schedule and appointments tools can be accessed via a web browser in real-time (Internet Explorer, Firefox), to enable remote access
  • Manually or automatically generate reports to help you organise your resources and manage your quality indicators
  • Automatically schedule reports for email – a powerful analysis tool
  • View historical and real-time statistics on abandonment rates, waiting times, overview of queue status and service delivery in the form of charts or tables
  • Record information about your customers to enable future personalised communications
  • Integrate digital signage in your solution by displaying images, presentations, videos, flash files or websites on LCD screens and communicate your passive audience
  • If you would like advice on how this all encompassing system can help manage your individual queuing environment, them please contact us here at enquiries@atir.com.au
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