eTrack is a web solution which manages goods collection from the placement of orders to the delivery to the customer. eTrack has the capability to incorporate digital media via the installation of eVideo or ePlayer, making it not only a solution for specialised mass distribution and queue management, but a powerful promotional tool.

The use of digital signage provides great opportunities to capture the attention of waiting customers, build brands and as a result drive sales. eTrack opens up new revenue streams with the added possibility of selling advertising space to third parties, enabling the solution to actually pay for itself.

The eTrack web based solution does not require installation on individual operator counters, enabling all operators to view the same information simultaneously.

As soon as the orders go through the check out process, they are automatically featured in the eTrack tool.

Order pickers, view current orders whilst preparation time is automatically calculated and communicated to reduce customer anxiety.

Customers can follow their order preparation phase in real time on video screens as soon as the leave the till point.

Customers are called forward using the order number on the till receipt, the call can be supported using audio messages
With eTrack, you have all the information in real-time to follow your teams’ work. Statistical reports also enable managers to monitor actual demand and allocate resources accordingly.

eTrack also enables the user to search through previous processed orders for create statistical comparisons.

The eTrack solution allows you to strengthen your customer service with organised collection areas, good waiting conditions and efficient handling. The system ensures control of your goods from the check-out to customer collection via any possible intermediary stages

To find out how eTrack can work for you contact us here at enquiries@atir.com.au.