LED Call Forward System

The Tensator eQ™ Single Line LED call forward system seeks to manage waiting customers in the fastest and fairest way. The clear and bright LED screens focus customer attention as they wait in the queue, aided by friendly audio messages, speeding customer movement, decreasing waiting times and improving service efficiency.


  • Tensator’s single line electronic call forward LED system can be configured to your exact requirements depending on the size of your location, service points and footfall.
  • Available with or without audio.
  • Voices available in male, female and a range of languages.
  • Wireless call buttons, which are easy to install.
  • 17″ LED CDU screen technology.
  • Screen colours, graphics & content are all configurable, standard templates or custom graphic can be used.
  • LED CDU screens can display static, flashing or scrolling messages in single or multiple colours.
  • LED scrolling text employs non-flicker technology for smooth message movement & effects.
  • Multi-colour LED’s available, displaying a combination of red, green and orange graphics. Blue LED’s also available at extra cost.
    5.5″ LED Micro PDU or 6.5″ LED Standard PDU screen technology.
  • Position number is permanently displayed on a PDU, when a position call switch is activated the position number flashes and arrows appear on the other PDUs to guide the customer to operator position.
  • Benefits:

  • Ideal solution for both single and multi point service operations.
  • Customers are served in the order they arrive rather than as a result of their choice of queue.
  • Guide customers efficiently to operator positions, reducing waiting times and employee stress.
  • Immediate benefits are achieved in speed of flow and customer relations, eliminating “wrong line” frustration.
  • Employees feel reduced pressure, with waiting times both actual and perceived dramatically reduced.
  • Resources can be targeted to specific periods of the day allowing management of peak and off-peak traffic.
  • For further information on Tensator’s electronic call forward LED systems for single line queues, please contact us on enquiries@atir.com.au